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The core of is a directory of listings:

  • Runs
  • Run Clubs & Coaching
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  • Events

New listings can be added for Runs, Run Clubs & Coaching and Events.


Add your favourite running location to for other runners to enjoy.

Don’t worry about being word perfect or having everything complete – we’ll review and assist with adding further detail before it is published.

Run Clubs & Coaching

Run Clubs and Online Coaching businesses can currently receive a free 12 month listing.

It’s a great way to promote your club and services to the running community.

Events has a curated list of events that meet our guidelines:

  1. Running based
  2. Open to all (don’t require a membership to enter)
  3. Have over 100 participants

If there’s an event that you feel meets our guidelines that isn’t listed, please contact us.

Event organisers can claim their listing and upgrade it to Premium for added features and benefits.