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One of the most interesting aspects of parkrun are the organic parkrun challenges that have developed a sub-culture of parkrun tourists.

The challenges were originally devised by two UK information technology professionals who released an extension for Chrome and Firefox. A strong following exists in Australia, including a ten-thousand-strong Facebook group.

Here’s a summary of different challenges that you might want to explore via parkrun in Australia. Click through each image to find out further information on Australian locations that will assist you on your journey.

Run at parkrun locations starting with each letter of the English alphabet (except X)
Run at parkruns starting with 20 Bs and a Q(ueen)
Compass ClubCompass
Run the most northerly, southerly, easterly and westerly parkruns in Australia
Compass ClubCompass Club
Run at a parkrun named after each of the four compass points.
runner name badgeName Badge
Run at parkruns starting with all of the letters in your name
Run seven Cs and an R (say it out loud).
Stayin' AliveStayin’ Alive
Run three Bees and three Gees.
Run 100+ parkruns at the same location.
Run 200+ parkruns at the same location.
All Weather RunnerAll Weather Runner
Run in each month of the year.
Bronze Level ObsessiveBronze Level Obsessive
Run 30+ parkruns in one calendar year.
Silver Level ObsessiveSilver Level Obsessive
Run 40+ parkruns in one calendar year.
Gold Level ObsessiveGold Level Obsessive
Run 50+ parkruns in one calendar year.
Record BreakerRecord Breaker
Run all the parkrun events within 33km, 45km, and 78km of your average parkrun location.

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