The parkrun Compass and parkrun Compass Club Challenges in Australia

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Parkrun Compass Club in Australia

For the runner who loves to travel, the parkrun Compass Challenge and parkrun Compass Club Challenges provide great ways to explore Australia and engage with local parkrun communities. They are among the most popular parkrun Challenges completed by parkrun tourists.

Parkrun Compass Challenge

The parkrun Compass Challenge is to run the most northerly, southerly, easterly and westerly parkruns in Australia.


Most Northerly: Nightcliff parkrun in the Northern Territory

The Nightcliff parkrun in Darwin is the most northerly parkrun in Australia.


Nightcliff parkrun

Most Southerly: Geeveston parkrun in Tasmania

The Geeveston parkrun in Tasmania is the southernmost parkrun in Australia.


Geeveston parkrun

Most Easterly: Kingscliff parkrun in New South Wales

The Kingscliff parkrun in Kingscliff on the far north coast of New South Wales is the most easterly parkrun in Australia.


Kingscliff parkrun

Most Westerly: Baxter parkrun in Western Australia

The Baxter parkrun in Carnarvon, Western Australia is the most westerly parkrun in Australia.


Baxter parkrun

Parkrun Compass Club Challenge

Unlike the Parkrun Compass Challenge, which is based on the specific geography of the parkruns, the Parkrun Compass Club Challenge is based on completing four parkruns which have the words north, south, east and west in their names.


Parkruns featuring North in their name

There are six park runs in Australia that have North in their name:

  • North Harbour parkrun in Beachmere, Queensland
  • North Lakes parkrun in North Lakes, Queensland
  • Northparkes Oval parkrun in Parkes, New South Wales
  • North Shore parkrun in Bushland Beach, Queensland
  • North Sydney parkrun in Sydney, New South Wales
  • North Wollongong parkrun in Wollongong, New South Wales

North Harbour parkrun


North Lakes parkrun


North Shore parkrun


North Sydney parkrun


North Wollongong parkrun


Northparkes Oval parkrun

Parkruns featuring South in their name

There are 5 parkruns in Australia featuring South in their name:

  • South Bank parkrun in Brisbane, Queensland
  • South Beach Recreation Reserve parkrun in South Fremantle, Western Australia
  • South Para Reservoir parkrun in Williamstown, South Australia
  • South Toowoomba parkrun in Toowoomba, Queensland
  • Southern Highlands Botanic Gardens parkrun in Bowral, New South Wales

South Bank parkrun


South Beach Recreation Reserve parkrun


South Para Reservoir parkrun


South Toowoomba parkrun


Southern Highlands Botanic Gardens parkrun

Parkruns featuring East in their name

There are 3 parkruns in Australia that have East in their name:

  • East Richmond parkrun in Sydney, New South Wales
  • Eastern Gardens parkrun in Geelong, Victoria
  • Reynella East parkrun in Reynella East, South Australia

East Richmond parkrun


Eastern Gardens parkrun


Reynella East parkrun

Parkruns featuring West in their name

There are four parkruns in Australia that feature West in their name:

  • University of Western Australia parkrun in Perth, Western Australia
  • West Beach parkrun in West Beach, South Australia
  • Westbury Town Common parkrun in Westbury, Tasmania
  • Westerfolds parkrun in Melbourne, Victoria

University of Western Australia parkrun


West Beach parkrun


Westbury Town Common parkrun


Westerfolds parkrun

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